This week in PE -Written by Ciara, Year 4

“On Monday we had an amazing day! We went to the Colchester United Football Stadium to get an award for Camulos academy. Lots of other brilliant students got awards like trophies and certificates. When we were there we had to wait a long time but it was still so much fun. I couldn’t wait until it was our turn. The people that went to represent Camulos Academy was me, Kyle (Year 2), Zach (Year 2), Caitlyn (Year 2), Bronson (Year 2), Jack (Year 2), Ethan (Year 2) and Samarth (Year 2). When it was our turn we got a beautiful certificate.

November in PE

This week we have gone interactive for PE. We have been implementing the cross-curricular approach by mixing maths and PE together. Year 2 have been learning about money. The game was to throw a ball at the correct coin and get the thumbs up!

KS2 have been playing invasion games. ‘Sink the ship’ and ‘War zone dodgeball’. KS1 children have been practicing their netball and basketball skills.



October in PE

We have been playing Quidditch during PE this week. The children had to ride their broomsticks, roll their hoop and collect snitches. Mr Reeve occasionally added a golden snitch to the game which was worth an additional 30 points.
Ravenclaw were this weeks winners with 187 points!