Orcus Class


In Year 2 we have been learning about resilience. The children were introduced to the character Ranger Resilient, who is a super hero representing one of our learning dispositions. To show resilience we drew a picture of a tiger. We then gained feedback from others in the class on how our drawings could be improved. The children then produced a second draft of the tiger picture before gaining more feedback and then we did it again. Through not giving up and persevering the children are learning how to develop their resilience. We then presented our work and knowledge of resilience in an assembly.


We have been working really hard on our Nativity which we performed last week. We have had the best time and enjoyed learning our lines and learning our songs. Thank you to the parents for the children’s amazing costumes, we hope you enjoyed the shows as much as we did.



In Year 2 we have been continuing our learning on Robin Hood by re-telling the story with actions. We have also been using adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the characters in the story.

In PE the children have been learning about electricity by making a human circuit using their bodies. They learnt if the circuit was broken the imaginary washing machine would not work. Once they were sure the circuit was complete they learnt moves to be the washing machine which included stretching, timing skills, balance and coordination.


Earlier in the term I read the story of Robin Hood to the children and they enjoyed it so much they asked if we could study it – and so we are. Orcus class is currently learning about the legend of the famous outlaw, who robbed from the rich to give to the poor. We have just started our project, but many children have said they want to go home and research the story – so families be prepared for some investigating!

We have also been continuing our topic work by studying famous bridges and learning to identify them on maps of Colchester. In science we investigated the strongest material to make a bridge and we saw how materials change when they are heated.


Orcus class enjoyed a fantastic day out at Colchester Castle this week. The children were given a special tour of the castle in which they saw the well, chapel, main hall and the other rooms upstairs used by those who would have lived there. We also went downstairs to see the prison. Pupils even had the opportunity to go on to the castle roof and see the view the knights would have had as they defended against potential enemies. The children learnt why the castle’s spiral staircase goes round to the right and how the toilet used by the Lord led straight outside to the ground and possibly on to the people below! The pupils were great role models for the school and they all enjoyed our visit.


Learners in Year 2 have been busy making predictions then carrying out experiments to see which projectile would be best to knock a castle wall down. We also looked at different thrones and the best materials to use to make one. Learners designed their own throne for the king and queen of our classroom castle.

As part of or work in geography we have been drawing maps of the area around our school, paying particular attention to any towers or other high points like chimneys and trees.

In English we have been learning to write in the past tense and in the first person through writing diary entries as if we were a character in The Tunnel story by Anthony Browne.