Mosaic Class


The children returned to school to find out their classrooms had been taken over by a Space Centre.  They have had lots of fun planning and organising missions to Mars and the Moon.  Our reading rocket area has inspired the children to find out more information.  They have been quoting facts as well as thinking about what other planets might look like.  The Maths focus this week has been subtraction and the children have finding lots of different ways to solve the subtraction number sentences.  



We have been working really hard on our Nativity which we performed last week. We have had the best time and enjoyed learning our lines and learning our songs. Thank you to the parents for the children’s amazing costumes, we hope you enjoyed the shows as much as we did.


To help us fight the Evil Peas and rescue our superhero teddies, we designed and made our own Super Veggies. We cannot wait to bring them home to show you. Super Veggies to the rescue!


In Year 1 we have been continuing to explore our Superhero theme. We have been writing instructions to explain how to make a Superhero Smoothie. Once we had written our instructions and worked out what equipment we needed, we then made our smoothies using either milk, soya milk, apple juice or orange juice. We then had a go at evaluating our smoothies and thought of ways we can make them even better next time!   Our new outdoor classroom environment has really helped us to extend our independent learning and help us apply the skills we have been learning in the classroom.



Year 1 have had lots of fun with their learning this week, especially with the introduction of our new outdoor environment! We have been learning our number bonds to 10 in different ways, including our number bonds rhyme (which you may have already heard). In English we have been looking at instructions and sequencing them in order. Did you know that there are imperative verbs in instructions? We are going to use this knowledge to help us write our own set of instructions. We have also been learning about firework safety, why we celebrate Bonfire Night and also found out why Guy Fawkes is important in history. There was real excitement on Tuesday when we got to dress up as Halloween characters and parade our costumes around the hall. In fact one of our children said in class this week “I love learning!”



In Vista and Mosaic this week we have been continuing our Superhero story theme. We have been looking at the different features of a story and what makes them exciting! Our story focus this week has been the story of Traction Man.   Using watercolours, we have created our own story setting and we have also designed an outfit for Traction man. We are currently in the process of writing our own Traction Man adventure story, so watch this space! In maths we have been focusing on number sentences and problem solving and we have been really impressing the adults who work in our classes with our understanding of visible learning.