Invictus Class


Invictus Class started their topic ”Veni Vidi Vici” by using NowPressPlay to imagine what life was like to be a child of a Roman General who was then captured by Boudicca’s Iceni Tribe. As part of the experience we visited the amphitheatre and watched a gladiator battle. The gladiator then went on to save our lives as we went to find our father after the invasion. The gladiator was, unfortunately, then defeated by Boudicca. We will be using this experience to write a soliloquy next week











Towards the end of this half term we have devoted time to learning songs which we have been able to share with our families at our Hosanna Rock performances this week. We have enjoyed rehearsing and would like to thank Mr Power for his enthusiasm and energy during our preparations. We really have had a great time and hope the children did too! A special thank you to our families for the children’s amazing costumes, we hope you enjoyed the performances as much as we did.


Some of our Year 5s represented Camulos Academy at a local Dodgeball Tournament; this is their report:

We went by coach to Thurstable School in Tiptree. When we got there, we went into a hall and were joined by ten different schools. We played four games – each game had three rounds and lasted two minutes.

Our first game was against Heathlands, our second game was against All Saints then we got to have a rest before our next game against Birch. After playing Birch, we played Langenhoe then it was time for lunch! After lunch, the referee called us all over and she gave us the scores. We were really happy because we came fourth!

We developed even more skills such as throwing with one hand, throwing with greater accuracy to aim for any body part below the head, learning new rules and an opportunity to demonstrate learning values we focus on at Camulos – collaboration and communication.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Reeve for organising the event and to Miss Eels for supporting us at the tournament too.


This week, Invictus have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day. We have found out about how others have given and continue to give their lives for us and that during our two-minute silence, we were able to reflect on this. Mrs Frith-Sly held a Remembrance Assembly and we were able to share our knowledge with the whole school. We admired Mrs Frith-Sly’s beautiful poppies (kindly made by a Camulos parent) and recalled how they were the only flowers to grow in the battlefields after the war had ended and consequently, became a symbol for Remembrance Day.


Before half term, Invictus Class took part in an evening of Star Gazing with the North Essex Astronomical Society as part of the ‘Marvellous Middle’ for our topic. We were able to explore the sky at night and even spotted the Big Dipper! Towards the end of the evening we explored the solar system and we shared our knowledge about the planets with our visitors – they were very impressed! Later on in the week, Uranus was visible so we were keeping a look out for it.

We have also been lucky to receive some new books for our library after Tierney-Rose and Jishan met with Sue Northend, Director of HR for REAch2, during our “One Year On” celebrations. We are very much looking forward to reading and recommending them to our friends!


On Wednesday 11th October, Invictus and chariot class were treated to a day at the Royal Albert Hall to appreciate Primary Proms. While in London our learners experienced a concert presenting dynamic, vibrant and eclectic performances by talented young musicians. We particularly enjoyed Walthamstow School for Girls Steel Band and their performance of ‘Mission Impossible’. We hope our learners felt inspired and a new generation of young people take up music and develop their musical potential.


In Invictus Class, we have continued with our learning around Defying Gravity and have been looking at evidence about people’s beliefs – some believe that the Earth is flat while others say it is spherical. At present, we are discussing evidence for both theories before we decide on what our own beliefs are.

Miss Cox and Miss Eels have been particularly impressed during English lessons as we have been learning about cohesion within and across paragraphs – although this can be a difficult concept, the learners have grasped it quickly and are already challenging themselves! They are exploring where a cohesive adverbial might go within a sentence in order to alter the pace.

Our enriched curriculum continues with weekly Spanish and Ukulele lessons! This week, our learners learnt to play the C chord and played it while singing “A Sailor Went to Sea”. We are hoping the learners will be performing for you very soon.