Invictus Class

November 2018

Our Year 6s have been writing diary entries in role as Macbeth. We have included our innermost feelings by using our inference skills to assume how he may have felt. We have then been developing our editing skills by considering how to improve our own writing. We have reread our writing to check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and uplevelled our word and phrase choices.

Our Year 5s have been identifying and explaining the main changes that take place in old age. Jessica and Lexie have created a poster to distinguish between facts and myths about old age. One fact is: old people need a different diet to stay healthy. One myth is: old age starts at 60.


January 2018

Invictus Class started their topic ”Veni Vidi Vici” by using NowPressPlay to imagine what life was like to be a child of a Roman General who was then captured by Boudicca’s Iceni Tribe. As part of the experience we visited the amphitheatre and watched a gladiator battle. The gladiator then went on to save our lives as we went to find our father after the invasion. The gladiator was, unfortunately, then defeated by Boudicca. We will be using this experience to write a soliloquy next week