Chariot Class


Chariot class stepped into prehistoric Britain on their return to the classroom this year. Our first two days consisted of learning about everyday life for people during the Stone Age. This included learning about how they communicated, the children learnt how to draw caveman style paintings and give instructions using just motions. Alongside this we also learnt a tribal war dance from New Zealand, the Haka. The All blacks wouldn’t want to go up against this lot, let it be known! Chariot has been incredibly inquisitive and engaged with this topic and we are looking forward to the weeks to come.


Towards the end of this half term we have devoted time to learning songs which we have been able to share with our families at our Hosanna Rock performances this week. We have enjoyed rehearsing and would like to thank Mr Power for his enthusiasm and energy during our preparations. We really have had a great time and hope the children did too! A special thank you to our families for the children’s amazing costumes, we hope you enjoyed the performances as much as we did.



Chariot Class have been making an incredible model on a river system for the last couple weeks. We have learnt about the various features of a river and plotted them from source to mouth. Once we knew this we then set about making out model out of cardboard and Paper-Mache. We needed to make sure our river started at a high point in the hills, flowed through the countryside and ended at the mouth of the ocean.


Chariot Class have had an enjoyable time finishing the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine recently. We have tailored some of our writing towards the book as we came towards the end and decided it was time to see if we ourselves could create a marvellous medicine of our own. We created instructions on what we could use and why we would use it (shampoo for a clean tummy, toothpaste for fresh breath etc.) and then made sure we could follow them when actually creating the medicine itself. On the final day of writing we gathered up our ingredients and set out on making Chariot’s Marvellous Medicine.


Chariot Class have had a wonderful Halloween day this week. They have taken part in a school dress up showcasing their spooky costumes and frightening screams! During school time we enjoyed taking part in a spooky school disco march in the hall. We also made mini pumpkin bags to store all the sweets we were looking forward to getting that evening. Mr Young had an especially fun day as he got to go round the classroom during the quiet moments and scare the children!


On Wednesday 11th October, Invictus and chariot class were treated to a day at the Royal Albert Hall to appreciate Primary Proms. While in London our learners experienced a concert presenting dynamic, vibrant and eclectic performances by talented young musicians. We particularly enjoyed Walthamstow School for Girls Steel Band and their performance of ‘Mission Impossible’. We hope our learners felt inspired and a new generation of young people take up music and develop their musical potential.