Chariot Class

December 2018

Over the last few weeks, Chariot have been very busy. We have been practising our Christmas concert songs ready to get into the Christmas spirit! Also as part of our Beowulf topic, we have been looking at Viking long boats. Last week, Chariot class got to make their own Viking long boats out of clay.


January 2018

Chariot class stepped into prehistoric Britain on their return to the classroom this year. Our first two days consisted of learning about everyday life for people during the Stone Age. This included learning about how they communicated, the children learnt how to draw caveman style paintings and give instructions using just motions. Alongside this we also learnt a tribal war dance from New Zealand, the Haka. The All blacks wouldn’t want to go up against this lot, let it be known! Chariot has been incredibly inquisitive and engaged with this topic and we are looking forward to the weeks to come.

Once we knew this we then set about making out model out of cardboard and Paper-Mache. We needed to make sure our river started at a high point in the hills, flowed through the countryside and ended at the mouth of the ocean.